Cable tv no credit check

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in. Did you know that many TV service companies actually require you to have good credit to subscribe to their services? This is usually due to the very expensive equipment that cable and satellite TV companies lend to you before you even start watching their services. However, this requirement makes it difficult for those with bad or little to no credit to subscribe to TV service for their families. Luckily, if you are one of these people — you do have options! Flex TV subscribers have access to the same channels and DVR technology that good credit subscribers can choose from. Comcast offers a prepaid tv service option with no credit check qualification or age restriction purchase.

All new customers of Charter Spectrum are subject to a credit check, but you still can get service regardless of your credit score. New customers with bad or little to no credit just have to pay for their first month of service up front.

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Cable tv no credit check

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