Butch dating femme

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Navigating womanhood as a lesbian comes with many frustrations. In response to the alienation that gay women may feel from this, some lesbians choose to embrace their own interpretation of womanhood in the form of two popular labels: butch and femme. In fact it's far from it. Similarly, the rejection of feminine gender norms by butches is intrinsically radical: it empowers lesbians to renounce patriarchal standards of beauty, giving them relative freedom to present in whichever way they feel most comfortable.

C, a year-old femme, agrees. It was how I desired butches, and it was how I thought of myself in relation to lesbian history. As a result, these environments became dominated by female manual labourers -- it was much easier for butch women to avoid oppressive dress codes as a taxi driver or a factory worker. Today Lexie, a year-old butch from Canada, finds her label validating. We're really out on our own, taking up space in a world that doesn't know what to do with us.

I want to be my real self and because of who my real self is, I have to defy those things to achieve it. Awareness of this culture helped her embrace her sexuality and gender expression. I just became so much more comfortable in myself and in my identity as a lesbian. It can be really alienating.

Yet as a butch woman, navigating dating can sometimes be difficult. A general lack of positive mainstream media representation reinforces the idea that butch women are undesirable, compounded by the often violent consequences that gender non-conforming women may face for simply being who they are. Within this subculture, a community-wide understanding has developed; as lesbians, we will present our identity however we wish to.

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Butch dating femme

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how butch/femme subcultures allow gay women to thrive