Body language on a date

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Body language is everything. Body language oftentimes says more than words ever will. The way we hold ourselves, the way we engage in conversation—everything we do with our body is, quite literally, talking for us. Did they lean into you, or were they just worried about not making a mess as they bit into their food? It can help give you some insight as to whether or not this pairing will work out long-term.

Use these as clues to help navigate the dating world better, and lock down that special someone. Body language: what to look for on a first date: They lean in. They maintain good eye contact. Good eye contact can lead to a strong emotional intimacy. Their body and face is open and warm. Keeping your arms relaxed at your sides, in your lap or on the table, genuinely smiling, and keeping your face friendly are all good body language s. If your date is bumbling and stumbling over their own words, this is a that they have some first-date-jitters!

Try keeping your body posture relaxed and comfortable, and your tone warm and welcoming. This will help relax them more, and hopefully help get them over those nerves and really get the date going. Their posture is rigid and they look uncomfortable. This is not a good . For one reason or another, your date wants to get out of there stat.

Their body is talking for how they feel inside. Sweating profusely is also another of this. They really listen to you. A lot of intimacy is first formed from touch, and touch is a great of interest. Another good is if your date gently takes or squeezes your hand from across the table. To open up the door for some light and playful touching, try keeping your hand s in reaching distance, like flat on the table rather than in your lap. Placing a hand on the small of your back while walking is also another great example of touch that shows your date is interested.

They mirror your behavior. Just like leaning in after your date does is as well. Readers Also Enjoy:.

Body language on a date

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How to Read Your Date's Body Language