Aquarius man with cancer woman

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An Aquarius and Cancer relationship does hold some promise, but it is a bumpy ride. These stellar beings can make friendship and romance work. When they make it through the roughest patches, love proves enduring. The Aquarian personality has an innovative mind. These individuals have much to teach the Cancer personality. Aquarius wants to teach Cancer to chill out and to take it easy with all the emotional talk. The Aquarian persona tells their Cancer partner no need to rush to that commitment altar! Cancer wants to teach Aquarius how to navigate the waters of emotion.

The connection between the Aquarius and Cancer love match is unusual and, yes, a bit odd. But, sometimes the stars align in such a way that the Aquarius and Cancer combo happens. It may be due to a need for life lessons in this lifetime. It might be a connection stemming from karma. Or, it might be that the Aquarius personality attracts the type of person they need in their life at that moment. A strange connection, true. But, it can lead to remarkable compatibility in and out of bed!

Cancer is the right person for Aquarius to hook up with when it comes time for to learn about emotion. Cancer is an expert in the art of genuine intimacy. Cancer will also teach the Aquarius that there is happiness in commitment. They know monogamy is not a trap. The Cancer persona considers a one-on-one relationship a gift. It allows each partner in the Aquarius and Cancer relationship to promise attentiveness. Aquarius is not familiar with such an understanding. Once allowing the idea to blossom, Aquarius embraces commitment. Of course, Cancer will need to be patient.

Aquarius has been fond of their independence for a long time. It may take a few tries to get the Aquarian personality to open to a monogamous relationship. Cancer is a shy type of personality. Aquarius is anything but shy. The Aquarian partner can introduce Cancer to the social scene. It will widen their circle of friends. Over time, Cancer will lose a bit of their shyness under the guidance of the popular and social Aquarius. If the relationship goes as far as childbearing, the Aquarius and Cancer mix are good parents.

Aquarius shares a forward and progressive thinking attitude with the children. The Cancer parent teaches the children to be compassionate and empathetic. With both styles of parenting, the children from this pairing are gentle, wise souls. They later grow into creative, intelligent adults. Does this unique pairing work?

Yes, in both friendship and romance. Even better, in some ways, these two starry children save one another. Cancer saves Aquarius from an empty life absent of genuine emotion. Aquarius saves Cancer from emotional madness. As friends, the Aquarius and Cancer pairing is one that proves lasting. They support one another through thick and thin. The Aquarius and Cancer combo can commit once Aquarius gives up resistance to it. If Aquarius is domineering or aggressive, this can unnerve Cancer. When Cancer gets nervous, they draw inward or become edgy.

The aggressive Aquarian can put considerable stress on the relationship. It will hinder the development of emotional trust. In turn, it can limit the level of intimacy this duo achieves. Aquarius personas tend to be honest, in a brutal sense. It is not due to a non-caring attitude. Rather, it is their lighthearted approach to life. The Aquarian personality sees no reason to be so serious. This can make the Cancer personality wonder if the Aquarius partner will ever be serious.

So how can this combination ever work? Cancer needs to take a breath and to calm their inner emotional storms. If the relationship is to work, it will come together of its own accord. No forcing the issue will make it happen. Patience is the key to the Cancer personality. If they achieve a balance, it increases Aquarius and Cancer compatibility. While both parties in this pairing enjoy sex, it is this part of the relationship that is the most troubling.

Aquarius goes on a quest where exploration of the flesh is a rite of passage. To focus on the flesh is to ignore the emotional side of sex. For a good period in their life, the Aquarius persona might enjoy casual sex. They prefer friends with benefits and no strings sex. Cancer is the opposite. The emotions run deep in a Cancer.

This fact has a serious influence on Aquarius and Cancer compatibility. They might try to hide these emotions and play tough on the outside. The Cancer mate who says love has nothing to do with sex is lying. The Cancer personality who thinks they can engage in sex absent of emotional is in denial. The Moon rules over Cancer thereby making the emotional and intense. No other has the soft side a Cancer does. Aquarius is a under the influence of Saturn and Uranus. This makes the Aquarian mind one that is progressive, but sometimes cold.

Sex for the Aquarius is about the physical act. For Cancer, the act of sex is about making an emotional and lasting connection. If each partner allows for an open mind, they can learn how to multiply their pleasure. Cancer can teach Aquarius how emotion adds a unique and desirable intensity to sex.

The Aquarius and Cancer relationship has some unusual sexual dynamics. Cancer has rigid boundaries when it comes to sexual encounters. If Cancer starts whipping out rules for what happens in bed, it surprises Aquarius. Aquarius might even take a step or two, or three or twelve backward to reevaluate conditions.

Aquarius is of high intellect. They can sometimes lose themselves in the realm of thought. When this happens, they might not be as mindful or aware as they should be. Cancer is intelligent too, but also empathetic to the needs of others. The trivial things Aquarius might miss are things a Cancer personality absorbs. Aquarius and Cancer have exceptional communication skills.

They come up with imaginative ideas and can discuss, with ease, how to bring a project to life. The only problem is they might not see each other enough to converse as much as they would like. Aquarius people are smart speakers who have a tricksterish personality.

An Aquarius can say something in light jest. The Cancer personality might not see the connotation. Worse is when the Cancer understands what Aquarius means, but finds no humor in it. Cancer can be broody and moody. It will hinder the power of humor in this pairing. Aquarius needs to keep a level of sensitivity when communicating. Cancer will do well to mellow out a bit. The smothering from a romantic partner is not the Aquarian idea of a fun time. See the hills over yonder? Those towering mountains to the left? Aquarius he for the mountains faster than a tumbleweed in a sandstorm.

Melodrama kills the Aquarius and Cancer love match. If this couple argues, they do so with vigor. Aquarius wants the last word. Cancer does too. This means the two of them would do well to walk away when the heat of the argument is out of control. Will this happen? Aquarius is a right fighter. Cancer will not always walk with a sense of satisfaction without having their say.

Cancer type personas can sulk. But, they will have to get over things fast.

Aquarius man with cancer woman

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