Age is an issue of mind over matter

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Mark Twain? Jack Benny? Satchel Paige? Muhammad Ali? Unknown gerontology researcher? Dear Quote Investigator: On a popular website recently I saw a slide show of quotations ascribed to Mark Twain that included the following:. I thought this was said by the celebrated baseball pitcher Satchel Paige. Can you determine who should be credited? Quote Investigator: There is no substantive evidence that Mark Twain created this witticism.

For example, it is not found on TwainQuotes. The earliest evidence located by QI appeared in an article about aging that was published in multiple newspapers in The saying was attributed to an anonymous scientific researcher. The prefatory phrase was somewhat shorter: 3. The quote above was printed in a North Carolina newspaper in June.

The same article and saying were printed in a paper in Schenectady, New York in July. The saying was memorable enough that the excerpt above was extracted from the article and printed by itself as a freestanding filler item in a Baton Rouge, Louisiana newspaper in July. The adage continued to circulate and in it was ascribed to an anonymous physician in an article from the UPI news service: 6.

In the comedian Jack Benny held his eightieth-birthday party, and he released to journalists a joke for the occasion. This is the first cite connecting Benny to the quip under investigation that QI has located: 8. In the witty remark was ascribed to the humorist Mark Twain in a South Carolina newspaper. This is the earliest ascription to Twain QI has found: 9. By the saying was connected to baseball great Satchel Paige in the Cleveland Plain Dealer newspaper: Age is a question of mind over matter.

In famed boxer Muhammad Ali was preparing for his last fight, and he spoke to a journalist who recorded him using the expression: His eyes brightened. Several different attributions for the saying continued to be disseminated. Also, the attribution to Satchel Paige was printed in the Miami Herald in In conclusion, based on current evidence the quip was first voiced by an anonymous government researcher by There is also good documentation that other individuals such as Jack Benny and Muhammad Ali used versions of the joke, but apparently it was already in circulation.

There is no solid support that Twain made this humorous comment. Thanks to Carl M. Cannon, a journalist who has written top-notch articles for years educating people about quotations and misquotations. Cannon recently pointed out that this saying was implausibly being credited to Mark Twain on a popular website. Dear Quote Investigator: On a popular website recently I saw a slide show of quotations ascribed to Mark Twain that included the following: Age is an issue of mind over matter.

Here are additional selected citations in chronological order. Notes: TwainQuotes. Editorial Office: Washington, D.

Age is an issue of mind over matter

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“Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.”