Adult toy store wi

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When Dr. The co-owners made sure to talk with the community before opening and they received overall a positive reception. And the store, which celebrates its 20th anniversary this month, has become an institution in Madison. Despite its name, its customer base includes men and women in equal s. In the store moved from its original site in the Gateway Mall on Williamson Street to a quiet building on Livingston.

Barnard and Wilhite purposely chose to locate away from a high-traffic area like State Street so all customers would feel comfortable coming in. Customers journey further into the shop to find more adult toys, videos and sensual products. The store has changed over the years.

The impetus of that initiative was women who were experiencing a spectrum of sexual health issues, including postpartum and post-menopausal difficulties with intercourse. Some women came to the store because their doctor had sent them. Wilhite and Barnard set out to provide answers. Their passion for these educational issues keep Wilhite and Barnard going strong. But when they decide to retire, they will ensure the store continues.

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Adult toy store wi

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Mixing education with pleasure, one sex toy at a time